Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Sep 25, 2020  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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VTBMS 7030 - The Biology and Diseases of Laboratory Animals

Fall, spring. 2 credits. Student option grading.

Prerequisite: basic knowledge of anatomy and pathology in comparative animal species. Enrollment limited to: upper-level undergraduate or graduate students. Permission of Instructor required. 

M. E. Martin.

Intended for veterinarians entering the field of laboratory animal medicine. It may also be of interest to other veterinarians, veterinary students, and researchers with a basic knowledge of anatomy and pathology who use animals in research or teaching. This course will cover the main laboratory animal species (rodents, rabbits, nonhuman primates, ruminants, swine, dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, amphibians, and fish). The biology, husbandry, diseases, pathology, and main research uses of these species will be covered. The course will meet for two hours weekly and will extend over the course of two years.

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