Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Feb 25, 2020  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SHUM 4613 - Theorizing the Local and the Global: Corruption and the Indian Novel in English

(crosslisted) ASIAN 4463 , ENGL 4996 

Fall. 4 credits. Student option grading.

Enrollment limited to: 15 students. Intended for advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

A. Ben-Yishai.

This course will survey the history of the novel in India in English over the past hundred years, from colonial rule, through the consolidation of the Indian nation, to the growing pressures of globalization. Focusing on realist fiction, we will address the ways that generic conventions change over time, and discuss the local and the global as formal concerns, modulating in relation to the world beyond India as well as in negotiation with its multiple locales, identities, languages, and cultures. Through this prism, we will focus our attention on the theme of corruption – of politics, of the nation, of language and literary form – that has been a constant (though often figured as crisis) in this literary tradition which simultaneously is and is not a national tradition.

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