Courses of Study 2019-2020 
    Oct 20, 2020  
Courses of Study 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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FREN 2080 - French for Business

Satisfies Option 1.      
Fall, Spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: FREN 1230 , LPF score 56-64, SAT II 600-680, AP French language 4 or CASE Q. Recommended courses after FREN 2080: FREN 2092  or FREN 2095 .

F. Glidja.

This intermediate conversation and composition French course is designed for students interested in business fields such as Hospitality, Business Management, and Marketing, those looking for an internship or a job in French-speaking businesses or students interested in exploring the language and cultures of the French-speaking business world.  The course will focus on improving oral and written skills through the acquisition of specific vocabulary and the review of essential grammatical structures commonly used in business.  Students will use authentic written, visual and listening materials and engage in interactive activities relevant to the professional world and its intercultural dimension.

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