Courses of Study 2017-2018 
    Jul 10, 2020  
Courses of Study 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML)

In Biological Sciences .

Course Offerings  

Contact: Phone (603) 862-5346,

Consult the Shoals Marine Laboratory website for current offerings:

The Shoals Marine Laboratory, a cooperative venture with the University of New Hampshire, is located on Appledore Island in the Gulf of Maine. SML provides academic advising for students interested in the marine sciences and in SML programs: both short-term courses and semester plans. SML provides opportunities to take courses and do independent research in  basic biology, marine biology, marine science and sustainability. Appledore Island, home of SML, is noted for its marine and terrestrial biota sustainability program, and place in New England history.  SML has a national reputation for excellence and is North America’s largest marine field station focusing on undergraduate education.  Students and faculty form a tight-knit community at SML, and can literally and figuratively immerse themselves in their academic explorations. Please refer to the Shoals Marine Laboratory section under Biological Sciences for a list of courses (BIOSM) offered.  Students interested in marine biology should visit the Shoals Marine Laboratory website and contact the SM Cornell Academic Coordinator listed on the staff page.

Cornell courses offered at SML are full-time and intense (most courses run for two weeks and award 3 Cornell credits). Courses fulfill Cornell major and concentration requirements (for example: BIOSM 1780 - Evolution and Marine Diversity , BIOSM 1500 - Investigative Marine Biology Laboratory  and BIOSM 1610 - Ecology and the Marine Environment ). Students on Appledore Island come from all Cornell majors and colleges, and across the globe. A typical day combines lectures, laboratory and field work (in boats and on the shore). Field trips include investigations of nearby islands or habitats on the mainland, and collecting and research excursions aboard the laboratory’s 47-foot research vessel, John M. Kingsbury, or the 36-foot research vessel, John B. Heiser. Paid research internship opportunities (marine biology, seabirds, marine education, historic garden interpretation and curation, and sustainable engineering) are also available. Field experience and practical hands-on learning in Appledore Island’s intertidal and subtidal zones, and seabird colonies, is an integral part of the SML experience.