Courses of Study 2012-2013 
    Apr 17, 2021  
Courses of Study 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Numbering and Subject Codes

Course Numbering Systems

  1000 level non–degree applicable
  1100 level introductory course, no prerequisites, open to all qualified students
  2000 level lower-division course, open to freshmen and sophomores, may have prerequisites
  3000 level upper-division course, open to juniors and seniors, prerequisites
  4000 level upper-division course, open to seniors and graduate students
  5000 level professional level (e.g., management, law, veterinary medicine)
  6000 level professional and graduate-level course, open to upper-division students
  7000 level graduate-level course
  8000 level master’s level, thesis, research
  9000 level doctoral level, thesis, research

The list of courses that follows is arranged in two broad groups.

Group 1: Divisions that offer both undergraduate- and graduate-level courses

Agriculture and Life Sciences
Architecture, Art, and Planning
Arts and Sciences
Hotel Administration
Human Ecology
Industrial and Labor Relations
Nutritional Sciences
Officer Education

Group 2: Graduate professional divisions

Veterinary Medicine

No courses are offered by the Graduate School as a unit; graduate-level courses are contained in the various departments that offer the instruction.

Subject Codes and Their Meanings

Within each division, courses are generally arranged in alphabetical order by department and in numerical order within the departments. All courses are briefly described for those divisions (group 1) offering instruction to both undergraduate and graduate students. Courses in the graduate professional divisions (group 2) are designated by number and title only.

AAP Architecture, Art, and Planning
AAS Asian American Studies
AEM Applied Economics and Management
AEP Applied and Engineering Physics
AGSCI Agricultural Sciences
AIRS Aerospace Studies
AIS American Indian Studies
ALS Agriculture and Life Sciences
AMST American Studies
ANSC Animal Science
ANTHR Anthropology
ARCH Architecture
ARKEO Archaeology
ARTH History of Art
ASIAN Asian Studies
ASRC Africana Studies and Research Center
ASTRO Astronomy
BCS Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian
BEE Biological and Environmental Engineering
BENGL Bengali
BIOAP Animal Physiology and Anatomy
BIOEE Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
BIOG Biology: General Courses
BIOMB Environmental Science Marine Biology Laboratory
BIOMG Molecular Biology and Genetics
BIOMI Microbiology
BIOMS Biomedical Sciences
BIOMT Biometrics
BIONB Neurobiology and Behavior
BIOPL Plant Biology
BIOSM Shoals Marine Laboratory
BME Biomedical Engineering
BSOC Biology and Society
BTRY Biometry and Statistics
BURM Burmese
CAPS China and Asia Pacific Studies
CATAL Catalan
CEBU Cebuano
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering
CELTC Celtic
CHEM Chemistry
CHEME Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CHIN Chinese
CHLIT Chinese Literature
CIPA Public Affairs
CIS Computing and Information Science
CLASS Classics
COGST Cognitive Science
COLLS College Scholar Program
COML Comparative Literature
COMM Communication
CRP City and Regional Planning
CS Computer Science
CSS Crop and Soil Sciences
DANSH Danish
DEA Design and Environmental Analysis
DRAW Drawing
DSOC Development Sociology
EAS Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
ENGL English
ENGRC Engineering Communications
ENGRD Engineering Distribution Courses
ENGRG Engineering General Interest Courses
ENGRI Introduction to Engineering Courses
ENTOM Entomology
EPHY Engineering Physics
EXTLS ILR Extension Labor Studies
FDSC Food Science
FGSS Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
FIELD Fieldwork
FNART Fine Arts
FRDR Freehand Drawing and Scientific Illustration
FREN French
FSAD Fiber Science and Apparel Design
GAEL Gaelic
GERST German Studies
GOVT Government
GRAD Graduate School
HADM Hotel Administration
HD Human Development
HE Human Ecology Nondepartmental
HIST History
HORT Horticulture
HUNGR Hungarian
IARD International Agriculture and Rural Development
ILRHR Human Resource Studies
ILRIC International and Comparative Labor
ILRID Industrial and Labor Relations Interdepartmental
ILRLE Labor Economics
ILRLR Labor Relations, Law, and History
ILROB Organizational Behavior
ILRST Social Statistics
INDO Indonesian
INFO Information Science
ITAL Italian
JAPAN Japanese
JAVA Javanese
JPLIT Literature in Japanese
JWST Jewish Studies
KHMER Khmer (Cambodian)
KOREA Korean
KRLIT Korean Literature
LA Landscape Architecture (Agriculture and Life Sciences)
LANAR Landscape Architecture (Architecture, Art, and Planning)
LATA Latin American Studies
LING Linguistics
LSP Latino Studies Program
MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MALI Malinke
MATH Mathematics
MEDVL Medieval Studies
MILS Military Science
MSE Materials Science and Engineering
NAVS Naval Science
NBA Business Administration
NBAB Executive Boardroom Electives
NBAE Business Admin Electives EMBA
NCC Graduate School of Management Common Core
NCCB Executive Boardroom Common Core
NCE Common Elective Courses
NEPAL Nepali
NES Near Eastern Studies
NMI Graduate School of Management, Research and Advanced Studies
NRE Graduate School of Management, Doctoral Seminars
NS Nutritional Sciences
NSE Nuclear Science and Engineering
NTRES Natural Resources
ORIE Operations Research and Information Engineering
PAM Policy Analysis and Management
PE Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
PLBR Plant Breeding
PLPA Plant Pathology
PMA Performing and Media Arts
POLSH Polish
PORT Portuguese
PSYCH Psychology
QUECH Quechua
RELST Religious Studies
ROMAN Romanian
ROMS Romance Studies
RUSSA Russian
RUSSL Literature in Russian
SANSK Sanskrit
SHUM Society for the Humanities
SINHA Sinhala
SNES Science of Natural and Environmental Systems
SNLIT Literature in Sanskrit
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
STS Science and Technology Studies
STSCI Statistical Science
SWED Swedish
SYSEN Systems Engineering
TAG Tagalog
TAM Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
TELU Telegu
TOX Toxicology
UKRAN Ukrainian
VETCS Clinical Sciences
VETMI Microbiology and Immunology
VETMM Molecular Medicine
VIEN Viticulture and Enology
VIET Vietnamese
VISST Visual Studies
VTBMS Biomedical Sciences
VTLIT Literature in Vietnamese
VTMED Veterinary Medicine Interdisciplinary
VTPMD Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
WRIT Writing Program
YORUB Yoruba