Courses of Study 2019-2020 
    Mar 06, 2021  
Courses of Study 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Programs of Study and Courses

 At the Cornell Tech campus .

Course Offerings   

Degree Programs

Cornell Tech currently offers seven distinct masters programs. Ph.D. students are part of the Cornell Ph.D. program offered through the Graduate School and are admitted by their respective fields.

  • Master of Engineering (MEng) in Computer Science - the one-year program is an immersion of technical depth and advanced business education within the context of industry, market and user needs.
  • Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electrical & Computer Engineering - a one-year immersive program designed to teach engineers, scientists, and quantitative analysts important state-of-the-art methods in signal processing, data science, and decision theory.
  • Master of Engineering (MEng) in Operations Research and Information Engineering – a one-year professional masters program that prepares students with the skills to model, analyze and optimize decisions under uncertainty and provide business intelligence for the digital world.
  • Master of Science (MS) in Information Systems, Connective Media offered through the Jacobs Institute - a two-year, highly technical program focusing on the technologies, platforms and ecosystems that are involved in the recent convergence of communication, information and media. Graduates of this program will receive two degrees: one from Cornell University and one from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Master of Science (MS) in Information Systems, Health Tech – offered through the Jacobs Institute, a two-year, highly technical program where students learn to use technology to transform the healthcare industry. Graduates of this program will receive two degrees: one from Cornell University and one from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Johnson Cornell Tech MBA - in this 12-month program, students will earn an advanced business education that provides in-depth knowledge on the technologies, companies and industries changing the global landscape.
  • Master of Laws (LLM) – This one-year program is tailored to practicing attorneys or recent law graduates who desire to be at the center of New York City’s ever-evolving technology ecosystem and at the intersection of law, technology and entrepreneurship.


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